Way Back When

As I said in my first post,I started to HE my little girl because a lack of school places meant either going to a different school or waiting on a list for the school next to our house.

So I decided to HE! It was a whole new world to me. I joined groups on Facebook,followed people on Instagram,and bought books.Lots and lots of books! It took us a few attempts to find what fit N best,but we are now child led educating. We follow little to no structure in our days,and I find she really is enjoying it. We love the freedom HE brings to our lives. N is currently looking into Greek Mythology. She is 8 years old and has already worked her way through a variety of subjects. I love that she is eager to learn about the most wonderful of things!


It wasn’t all plain sailing. To get where we are now I had to argue with our LEA. That’s not to say all LEAs are the same,they’re not. Most vary. Unfortunately the person we had initially seen had made several mistakes causing the council’s education department to believe N was a CME(Child Missing in Education). She certainly wasn’t! Having to describe our work days,show them our resources,tell them that we had a varied list of subjects we cover etc, was very tiring. I felt as though I was failing. I thought that perhaps I was giving her a bad education.

No! I was doing everything I was legally allowed to do. I mean,after all,she is my child. I know what is good for her! So sometimes it isn’t fun,but it doesn’t have to be that way. I looked up as much as I could about HE and armed myself with lots of knowledge. Now we rarely hear from our LA person. I keep everything to emails only. I have learnt that these people can make mistakes ,and can quite easily blame you for those mistakes.

Today N is flourishing.





Author: mumstheword

I am a mum.Married.In the UK. Home educator.

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