100 Days Of Home Ed

Today we started #100DaysOfHomeEd on our social media accounts. It is just a simple #, but it packs a powerful message.

Just recently home education has been in the spotlight. The media did an interview with a woman who home eds her children. The interview didn’t go down well with the majority of us in the HE community as it made the public feel even less in favour of HE.  Her education methods are not the problem. What upset the community is that we have never been looked upon in a great light by the media anyway,so to agree to interviews was beyond disbelief. Lady in question was also a journalist at one time in her career,so she really has no excuses to her actions. The less said about this woman the better!

So,another HE community member came up with the idea to post pictures,blogs,tweets etc to social media accounts, depicting what home education actually is. The public really do need to sit up and take notice of this! We aren’t cave-dwellers,all living on hippy communes,acting illegally,or letting our children down. Some of the most amazing people I have ever spoken to are home educators. We all have the one thing in common – wanting the absolute best for our children. In some cases school just isn’t the right option. We are all educating at home,with varied styles,and doing so in a perfectly legal manner.

If you follow the #100DaysOfHomeEd online you will see for yourself that we are not what the media portrays us as!




Author: mumstheword

I am a mum.Married.In the UK. Home educator.

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