One Of Those Days

Some days are action packed,some not so much. Today was a day of nothingness. N managed to do 2 Mathseeds worksheets,helped me to get bits ready for dinner,and watched a few episodes of Horrible Histories.

Home Education isn’t always doing ‘work’. Some days we just kinda sit around and talk about life. We had a bit of time together a few days ago just sewing glove puppets. It was nice. We read a few stories about Greek Mythology,and just chilled. We are looking forward to the better weather making an appearance! Spring and summer tends to be when we make the most of our surroundings by visiting local beaches,castles,farms,and markets. And since we’ve got ourselves a car it has been easier to get out and about. As long as my hubby is driving (I can’t drive,sob!).

Tomorrow is a whole new day. We have already written out a list of things that N would like to do,tasks that she can join in with or help us to complete. On that list was learning how to do our weekly online grocery shop! She found it fun,helping to choose and place products into our virtual shopping basket. She had a spending limit and knew that she had to choose certain foods that we could use in my weekly meal planning. Our meals for the week will mostly consist of potatoes and anything with pasta!















Author: mumstheword

I am a mum.Married.In the UK. Home educator.

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