Half Term Is Over

In our area the school half-term is over.Children are back at school,and we are back to our HE stuff. We had a pretty lazy weekend. Our plans to meet friends had to be cancelled so we just popped into town and bought some bulbs for the garden. Managed to find some books super cheap in The Works,too! A friend gave us a big box of books that will come in handy also. Starting to resemble a library! We tried to catch a friend’s cat,too.She has had to unexpectedly leave her house and needed someone to get her cat,take him in and look after him for a bit. We couldn’t quite get him! If all goes well, we will get him this evening. It’d be great to have a pet about the house!

Today we did a mini science experiment involving density. Unfortunately it didn’t quite go how we thought it would,but that’s the beauty of science experiments! Off to do some Reading Eggs in a bit,and then possibly plant our new bulbs. The weather is looking lovely for it. In the week we have plans to go to a soft play area,possibly visit the park and meet up with friends after they have finished school. In the meantime I need to sort our HE photos out so I can start attaching them our blogs.




Author: mumstheword

I am a mum.Married.In the UK. Home educator.

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