Today and Tomorrow

Stuck for ideas!

N lets us know what she would like to learn about.Our topics tend to last a month,but recently she has struggled to keep interest in her chosen subject. Quite often she will love to listen to stories,or do the more practical things(science experiments seem to be favoured over written work). Today we read stories about different Greek Gods and heroes,spent a little time doing some work sheets,but other than that she has lost interest. So,I have written up a list of life skills that I think she will benefit from.Things like taking out the rubbish bags,helping to sort through the recycling,loading and switching on the washing machine…

When I was a kid I was taught how to do the basic stuff.I wasn’t home educated,but I still spent a lot of my time at home(or out) learning about life. I left home at 18 and was glad to be able to know how to fix the basic things around my own house,cook pasta and know how to clean my clothes!


Tomorrow is our play day.We are meeting up with my mother-in-law,and going to have lunch and let the kids play at our local indoor play area. Socialisation is important to children,and adults too,but we tend to hibernate a bit more during the bad weather months. Looking forward to spring and summer,though!




Half Term Is Over

In our area the school half-term is over.Children are back at school,and we are back to our HE stuff. We had a pretty lazy weekend. Our plans to meet friends had to be cancelled so we just popped into town and bought some bulbs for the garden. Managed to find some books super cheap in The Works,too! A friend gave us a big box of books that will come in handy also. Starting to resemble a library! We tried to catch a friend’s cat,too.She has had to unexpectedly leave her house and needed someone to get her cat,take him in and look after him for a bit. We couldn’t quite get him! If all goes well, we will get him this evening. It’d be great to have a pet about the house!

Today we did a mini science experiment involving density. Unfortunately it didn’t quite go how we thought it would,but that’s the beauty of science experiments! Off to do some Reading Eggs in a bit,and then possibly plant our new bulbs. The weather is looking lovely for it. In the week we have plans to go to a soft play area,possibly visit the park and meet up with friends after they have finished school. In the meantime I need to sort our HE photos out so I can start attaching them our blogs.




We’ve had a busy few days here.
Soft play at the weekend, baking and cooking lessons during the week, reading through some new books we have, making plans to get some springtime gardening sorted…
It’s the half – term break at the moment so we tend to slow down a bit, get on with things around the house, catch up with friends still at school. Hopefully next week we’ll be going to a different soft play area(socialising), having a trip to a few shops(maths, real life and socialising) and trying some home experiments(science).
For now, this is our quiet time!


One Of Those Days

Some days are action packed,some not so much. Today was a day of nothingness. N managed to do 2 Mathseeds worksheets,helped me to get bits ready for dinner,and watched a few episodes of Horrible Histories.

Home Education isn’t always doing ‘work’. Some days we just kinda sit around and talk about life. We had a bit of time together a few days ago just sewing glove puppets. It was nice. We read a few stories about Greek Mythology,and just chilled. We are looking forward to the better weather making an appearance! Spring and summer tends to be when we make the most of our surroundings by visiting local beaches,castles,farms,and markets. And since we’ve got ourselves a car it has been easier to get out and about. As long as my hubby is driving (I can’t drive,sob!).

Tomorrow is a whole new day. We have already written out a list of things that N would like to do,tasks that she can join in with or help us to complete. On that list was learning how to do our weekly online grocery shop! She found it fun,helping to choose and place products into our virtual shopping basket. She had a spending limit and knew that she had to choose certain foods that we could use in my weekly meal planning. Our meals for the week will mostly consist of potatoes and anything with pasta!














100 Days Of Home Ed

Today we started #100DaysOfHomeEd on our social media accounts. It is just a simple #, but it packs a powerful message.

Just recently home education has been in the spotlight. The media did an interview with a woman who home eds her children. The interview didn’t go down well with the majority of us in the HE community as it made the public feel even less in favour of HE.  Her education methods are not the problem. What upset the community is that we have never been looked upon in a great light by the media anyway,so to agree to interviews was beyond disbelief. Lady in question was also a journalist at one time in her career,so she really has no excuses to her actions. The less said about this woman the better!

So,another HE community member came up with the idea to post pictures,blogs,tweets etc to social media accounts, depicting what home education actually is. The public really do need to sit up and take notice of this! We aren’t cave-dwellers,all living on hippy communes,acting illegally,or letting our children down. Some of the most amazing people I have ever spoken to are home educators. We all have the one thing in common – wanting the absolute best for our children. In some cases school just isn’t the right option. We are all educating at home,with varied styles,and doing so in a perfectly legal manner.

If you follow the #100DaysOfHomeEd online you will see for yourself that we are not what the media portrays us as!



Way Back When

As I said in my first post,I started to HE my little girl because a lack of school places meant either going to a different school or waiting on a list for the school next to our house.

So I decided to HE! It was a whole new world to me. I joined groups on Facebook,followed people on Instagram,and bought books.Lots and lots of books! It took us a few attempts to find what fit N best,but we are now child led educating. We follow little to no structure in our days,and I find she really is enjoying it. We love the freedom HE brings to our lives. N is currently looking into Greek Mythology. She is 8 years old and has already worked her way through a variety of subjects. I love that she is eager to learn about the most wonderful of things!


It wasn’t all plain sailing. To get where we are now I had to argue with our LEA. That’s not to say all LEAs are the same,they’re not. Most vary. Unfortunately the person we had initially seen had made several mistakes causing the council’s education department to believe N was a CME(Child Missing in Education). She certainly wasn’t! Having to describe our work days,show them our resources,tell them that we had a varied list of subjects we cover etc, was very tiring. I felt as though I was failing. I thought that perhaps I was giving her a bad education.

No! I was doing everything I was legally allowed to do. I mean,after all,she is my child. I know what is good for her! So sometimes it isn’t fun,but it doesn’t have to be that way. I looked up as much as I could about HE and armed myself with lots of knowledge. Now we rarely hear from our LA person. I keep everything to emails only. I have learnt that these people can make mistakes ,and can quite easily blame you for those mistakes.

Today N is flourishing.





My first home ed blog post!


I began home educating my daughter back in 2013. We had moved to a new county and found it incredibly difficult to get her a school place. The local schools were full,and the not-so-local ones were too far away. I had envisioned her start into education would be much easier and less eventful! I had heard of home education before but never imagined I would be doing it. I didn’t have the first idea of where to start!

Thankfully I had the support of many online groups. Unfortunately our LEA hadn’t been so helpful,but that is probably another story for another time…



So,thank you for taking the time to join us on our adventure. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions. I am in the UK so my HE knowledge of other countries is very limited.