Terrible For Blog Posts!

We have been soooo busy lately! Our youngest turned 1 last week, we’ve had trips to a local farm, meet-ups with friends, days full of activities and days full of nothing.

The variety has been wonderful! This week will be slightly more relaxed, however.



LEA visits

Please please please read up on your LEA before de-regestering, starting HE or if you even plan to contact them yourself.
So many people  (myself included) made the mistake that the person from your LA was there to help. Mistakes can easily be made by these people. Quite often they appear to be lovely when they’re the complete opposite. Too many people get labelled as being nasty, negative or a bully (as was the case this evening on one particular online group) because they are trying to make newbies aware that the LA people can be deceptive.

Please learn ad much as you can. It always pays to know the law, the rules and the guidelines 🙂


Even Busier Bees!

Just lately we have had plenty to keep us busy. Gardening, decorating the house, baking lessons, birthday parties, poorly toddler…
N decided on a new topic to start. We haven’t actually started yet, though! Other activities seem to get in the way. She’s taken an interest in crafts so I’m going to help her with a bit of sewing, and making our own crochet badges. There’s a teddy bear kit we are hoping to start on, and we’ve bought bits ready for Easter crafts.
I may sound organised, but… !


Busy Bees

We had a lovely weekend. It was the right mixture of busy and relaxed.
Saturday was farm day! We have invested in a yearly pass to a, fairly local, farm park. It has a play barn, coffee shop, tea room, animals, museum and a bouncy castle! Kids loved it. So Sunday was our more relaxed day. We originally planned to go to a soft play area, meet friends and get lunch. Hubby decided he was too lazy for this so we stayed home. N learned how to top up our gas and electricity meters, did a quick shop at the local store and painted some pics with baby sister. We also made a giant jaffa cake!

Today we’ve had some fairly nice weather so we’ve had a bit of time in the garden. It is in need of a spring clean before the weather gets even nicer. Garden toys everywhere!


Why Home Ed?

Something home edders get asked a lot. Our usual response is “why not?”.
Why send my children to school when I am more than capable of teaching them about life, when I can give them the first – hand experience that life has to offer.  I may not be a qualified teacher but I know how to cook, plant bulbs in the garden, sew up a hole in clothes, read, write, plan adventures! Home education doesn’t have to be because your child is struggling with school, or because they have health issues. Lots of us do it simply because we can ☺


Bad Days

We have good days, we have bad days. Today is a bad day. N has always been hard to talk to. She’s great at taking in our discussions on each topic, or listening to conversations and stories. She can easily recount what happened in a story we read months ago, but can’t take in basic instructions. I’ll ask her to grab a certain set of worksheets, I’ll tell her exactly where they are, and she’ll come back a moment later with something completely different to what I asked for.
My days are becoming increasingly frustrating with her. I find myself repeating everything I say to her on a daily basis. It’s days like today that make me feel I should put her name down for the local school. I want so much to be able to give her a good start in life. I want her to be able to leave home as an adult who is capable of fending for themselves in the real world. I have to remind myself that she won’t always be so ignorant but it’s just so hard.
Bad days are the ones that make you feel as though you’re failing at home education. These are the days that I feel the loneliest and most in need of a break. Let’s face it, most home educating families don’t really get time away from their children. Some may not want to, but some need to.

Bad days are draining.


Ah, Mythology!

We’re moving on from Greek mythology to Norse! Also looking at stories from around the world.
As a child I loved listening to stories, looking through books of any kind. I had a hunger for knowledge. One of my favourite books was given enough to me by my dad. I still have it now. Unbelievably it’s in pristine condition! It’s about stories from various countries, tales told to children over centuries.
I’m really hoping N has this hunger, too.

Today we looked at a large map of the different continents, and added stickers of animals to their locations. I was pleasantly surprised at how N was easily naming the various animals. I like to think that perhaps she has been listening when watching nature programmes!